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Welcome to H&C Venturers

Welcome to the Hunter & Coastal Region Venturer Scout Website  As a Venturer Scout, you could find yourself camping above the snow line, exploring underwater reefs, riding the wind in a high-performance land yacht, earning your pilot's licence, investigating a career in astro-physics, editing your own film, making a sculpture or climbing a sheer rock face. Venturer Scouts have the courage and confidence to say, try and do. You are given opportunities to experience the excitement of living and the training to develop into a capable, self-reliant individual.

Venturing provides an attractive program of activities, self-government, leadership experience, companionship of their own age and helps to develop initiative and resourcefulness. By determining their own training needs it encourages young people to be self-motivating. Key elements of the program are selected from the following four development areas:

 - Community Involvement: Citizenship, Environment , First Aid, Service

- Adventurous Activities: Expeditions, Outdoor , Initiative

- Personal Growth: Expression, Lifestyle, Ideals, Pursuits

- Leadership Development: Unit Management, Leadership Course, Vocations


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Like VOC 4 this year? LOVE Region Venture!



If you liked VOC 4 night entertainment then you will LOVE Hunter & Coastal Region Venture.  Lots of fun & games, dinner & even a Fireworks show timed to music for only $40! This event should not be missed.

Open to all Venturers in NSW plus Scouts from Hunter & Coastal Region age 13.5 years of age. 

Register your interest on the event page

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17th Australian Venture


Get set as the next big exciting event for Venturer Scouts is on its way. In January of 2018 Queensland will host the 17th Australian Venture”AV2018″. Information on the exact location of the site and exact dates are still to come.


Start saving and fundraising as AV2018 is going to give you one of the best summers in your life. Regularly check back to this site to keep up to date with all the latest news and information or contact your Branch Contingent Leader or Branch Commissioner for Venturer Scouts.